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Marketing & Portfolio Development skill in 1 month

How to create your portfolio and get projects from International & Local Companies and earn through Skills by working at comfort of your home.

Total Duration : 1 Month

What you will learn in this course

How to create your Portfolio
to show your work to the clients

  • Portfolio creation
  • Display of Portfolio graphically
  • Content Development
  • Brand Creation
  • Work Experience

How to pitch to the client

  • How to approach client
  • How to get orders
  • How to do pricing
  • How to do negotiating
  • Closing of sale

How to get yourself registered, list of sites from where you can do the project

  • Online work Portfolio development
  • Registration in top Freelancing websites**

** Registration is absolutely free and no charges are to be paid, only when you get a project, complete it successfully and then get paid, then only the website on which you have registered will charge a commission of a certain percentage (all things will be explained to you in details – theoretically and practically).

How to get paid

  • How to open account
  • How to get paid in Dollars
  • How to convert into Rupees and transfer the amount into your bank account.
  • Different ways of getting paid.
  • Online as well as local payment solutions.

How to build your customer base

  • Analysing online customer database and from where to get customers
  • Analysing local customer database and where to get customers.
  • Building your own customer Database
  • Repeated clients and scalability of work = continuous earning.

Customer Satisfaction

  • Whether online or local, customer is the king.
  • Ensure customer satisfaction.
  • Long term relationship with customer.
  • Repeated work from clients.

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