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Corporate Video Presentation with 2D Characters skill in 1 Month

Create Corporate level video Presentation with 2D Characters

Earn with Freelance projects online and locally.

Total Duration : 1 Month

You will be able to create Professional Corporate Presentation with 2D Animated Characters, in just 1 Month

Corporate Video Presentation course details

Main Features

  • Create 2D Character Video Presentation.
  • Add 2D Characters in Presentation.
  • Show Characters with different emotions.
  • Add hundreds of objects in the Presentation like Table, Chair, Laptop etc.
  • Create Indoor and Outdoor Scenes.
  • Add Transition effects when one slide changes to another.
  • Display text with stylish effects.
  • Add Animated Backgrounds in the Presentation.
  • Add Video Backgrounds in the Presentation.
  • Make Background Blur to focus on content.
  • Set Storyboard Environment.
  • Add Chart, Graphs and Shapes in the Presentation.
  • Make various background Strips to show content creatively.
  • Add Voice over in the Presentation.
  • You can also create Video Presentation for Mobile Devices.
  • You can also save presentation in Powerpoint Format.
  • You can play videos in PC and can upload on Youtube, Facebook etc.

Start Earning through this Skill

  • With this skill you can easily earn Rs. 15,000/- to Rs. 40,000/- for each presentation project.

Why you need this Skill ?

  • Every Multinational Company needs presentation for their Business.
  • At Inventologix, you will learn this course in just 8 classes to become a Professional Creative Director for any multinational company.
  • Simply by learning this course you can create stunning 2D Character Presentations for Companies in India and all over the world.
  • Become self employed and start earning immediately.

Free Material

  • More than 1000 HD Video Footage Library for Presentation Background
  • More than 100 Background Music Library.

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