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INVENTOLOGIX CAREER COUNSELOR - Self Employment Freelance & Job solution for Students / Job Seekers / Housewives / Working Professionals
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"We Earn when you Earn, 100% Income Guaranteed"

Start your own Business with Inventologix




Self Employment


Inventologix Franchise

Franchise opportunity
in India and Abroad,
currently available in Dubai

All Training and Material
to be provided by Inventologix

High Income

Franchise Enquiry

  • Enquire for Franchise opening, contact us directly.
  • High income potential in Lakhs per month will be discussed personally.
  • Full training will be provided on how to run the institute, how to setup institute, how to get regular students.
  • Initially our trainers will be providing the courses.
  • Full course material, class wise course material will be provided.
  • Marketing will be done from our regular channel.
  • Promotion will be done by Inventologix.
  • Initial batches of Students and Marketing to be done by our trained Professional, Full Training will also be provided for creation of regular batches of Students.
  • Time to time Review and Guidance will be Provided
  • Master Franchise will handle smaller franchise in their area.
  • Growth potential exponential
  • We Earn when you Earn, 100% Income Guaranteed, only you have to follow our Guidelines.
  • Initially you require only a space to start
  • Initial investment amount to be discussed personally.
  • Profit sharing to be discussed personally.
  • Opportunity for students to work abroad to be provided.
  • Franchise opportunity in India.
  • Franchise opportunity outside India currently available in Dubai.
  • High return on investment.

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